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Wild Fermenting Agave

The sun rises on a hot and dry day in the Karoo. As the first rays of direct light begin to stretch over the hills, and the chill in the air begins to break, the landscape transforms. The blue tones of the agave plant stand proud against the burnished colours of the surrounding arid plains […]

By Rob Cass

Fermented Food's Health Benefits

Fermented foods and beverages are good for you, right? This is what we have been told, this is what I read, this is what I believe, this is my gut feeling. In my adult life, I have never really had a healthy gut with acid reflux being my main tormentor. I blame a dysfunctional gut […]

By Murray Slater

What is Water Kefir?

Water Kefir (pronounced ‘key-fur’) is one of a clutch of innovative ferments beginning to penetrate the mainstream market. With its promise of improved gut health linked to brain function, this reinvention of an ancient ferment is the new talk of the town

By Rowan Watt-Pringle

Distilling Stars of the Republic

Copper Republic, a local family-owned spirit company has been picking up international accolades for their artisanal spirit range. Leah van Deventer finds out about this up-and-coming distilling star. Bryce Kennard and his team at Copper Republic have quietly been tinkering with their spirit portfolio for some time now, and it’s starting to pay off, with […]

By Leah van Deventer

Rob Cass
The process of discovering fermented products is reconnecting with ancient methods of preparing and preserving foods. Similarly, being part of the cultured community is reconnecting with ancient methods of learning through collective

- Rob Cass