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What is Fermented?


The Cultured Community

The Cultured Community is an online community of like minded people who share common interest in all things fermented from beer, wine and distillates to sauerkraut, kombucha and kimichi.  It’s a cross-pollination of the fermented industries via an online platform which encourages discussion around topics of mutual benefit ranging from recipe and technique sharing to unpacking the increasingly popular world of fermented food.



Join Fermented’s Murray & Piet for a beverage and food pairing that explore the wondrous world of fermentation from beer, wine and mead paired with sourdough, kimchi, kombuchu and many more .Fermented will be hosting seasonal events to showcase small business and entrepreneurial ventures. The intention is to give local producers a podium to shine on and give exposure to the wonderful fermented world still yet to be discovered by many.



Guest writers, experts, consumers, industry leaders and business owners contribute to a rich variety of content that reflects the growing fermented movement. Content directly generated from The Cultured Community online discussion on monthly topics that cover the almost infinite range of fermented products.



Welcome to the Fermented Podcast were  we celebrate the people behind the wonderful transformative world of fermentation in all its many forms. Fermented co-founders, Murray Slater and Piet Gees, have set out to discover the stories behind these fermentation pioneers and evangelist.

Fermented is a collaboration of culture through story telling, community building and great food and beverages..

Fermented’s beating heart is it’s online community, ‘The Cultured’, which is an engaged group of like minded people from across the fermentation industries from beer, wine and distillation to sourdough, kimchi and kombucha. The community is made up of a combination of the curious, home fermenters and the pros, its’s a collaboration of culture, knowledge sharing, curation of ideas and story telling.

Fermented is also a platform for celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of the fermenting pioneers through editorial blogs and podcasts which looks to increase awareness around the world of fermentation. 

Thanks to our partners, a network of fermenting business agree that collaboration is the best way to evangelize fermentation, we are able to champion their passion and perseverance through seasonal fermented food and beverage pairing events.

Let’s Ferment

Rob Cass
The process of discovering fermented products is reconnecting with ancient methods of preparing and preserving foods. Similarly, being part of the cultured community is reconnecting with ancient methods of learning through collective

- Rob Cass

Community Member