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The Great Microbial Reawakening

We celebrate fermentation across all its forms. We combine storytelling, collective learning, and experiences to cross-pollinate niche industries and enlighten and empower people.

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Distilling Stars of the Republic

Copper Republic, a local family-owned spirit company has been picking up international accolades for their artisanal spirit range. Leah van Deventer finds out about this up-and-coming distilling star. Bryce Kennard and his team at Copper Republic have quietly been tinkering with their spirit portfolio for some time now, and it’s starting to pay off, with […]

By Leah van Deventer

7 Fermented Recipes To Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system, our ability to remain healthy, functioning and living has always been targeted by viruses from the beginning of time. We inhabit a planet with a trillion species of microbes both friend and foe.   Right now we are staring at a once-in-a-century virus which is attacking not only our immune system but […]

By Murray Slater

Karl's Bakehouse

In this episode, we chat with Karl Tessendorf, a writer, recipe developer, author and baker. He fell in love with bread 4 years ago and he’s been baking almost every week since. Karl exudes passion and his eyes light up when bread is on the agenda. He is determined to share his knowledge and open […]

By Murray Slater

Baking with Babette

I have been avidly baking bread for about 2 years now. Over this time I have done a great deal of experimentation with ingredients and process. It’s very easy to get caught up in the limitless potential variables and lose touch with the basics of baking great bread. Recently I got the chance to do […]

By Rob Cass

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Rob Cass
The process of discovering fermented products is reconnecting with ancient methods of preparing and preserving foods. Similarly, being part of the cultured community is reconnecting with ancient methods of learning through collective

- Rob Cass