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2019 Podcast Highlights

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Hey all you Fermenters, this is Murray Slater, Fermented founder and podcast host. It has been an incredible first year for us at Fermented. 

We set out to create a platform to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the fermenting pioneers while increasing awareness around the world of fermentation. Combining an online community, live pairing events and editorial content including this Podcast we have achieved our goal.  We recently completed our first podcast series and decided put together a highlights package o from all our episodes during the year. In reflection it is obvious that the fermented world is composed of many amazing stories of passion and perseverance. 

 Listen in. 

We kicked off the year visiting Ernst Thompson’s Cape Town Mead Company to discover a much celebrated an ancient ferment. Ernst’s Cape Town meadery produces Melaurea Mead, a MCC Style bottle secondary fermented sparkling mead which resembles a fine champagne in many ways

Melaurea MCC Mead has to be one of the most unique products available on the market currently.

Fermented then brought you a two part podcast series on the recent Craft Brewers Pow Wow conference held in Cape Town.  Aimed at commercial craft brewers, home brewers and beer enthusiasts, the Powwow exists to create a unified platform for quality, consistency and comradely in the craft beer industry. The conference includes presentations from local and international speakers, educational workshops, brewery tours, delicious food and a whole lot of fun. We had the great honour of chatting with the key note speaker Garret Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster  and editor of the Oxford Companion to Beer about the great food and beverage reawakening.

The icon himself Garrett Oliver has a lot of insight into the food and beverage reawakening

For our fourth episode we met up with Babette Kourelos, founder of Babette’s Bread and one of South Africa’s most accomplished bakers. This podcast was dedicated to artisan bakers that battle against  the bland and are leading the reawakening to what bread is and how we have an ancient relationship unbroken for thousands of years

The pure joy of baking with Babette Kourelos

In our fifth podcast we caught up with Sarah Kennan,  the real Lioness of South African Agave Spirit, whose local brand Leonista 100% Agave Spirit has grown from strength to strength off the back of  her amazing tenacity and passion. An ancient spirit consumed by Aztecs who desired to be closer to their gods. I began by asking her what is 100% Agave Spirit ?

Sarah Kennan the Karoo Lioness with her beloved Leonista 100% Agave Spirit

In our sixth episode we were privilege to to talk to Kobus Mulder, a legend of cheese. One of the most respected cheesemakers and consultants globally. We also meet up with Raymond Siebrits from Klein River Cheese

Cheese glorious cheese. One of the most universally loved fermented foods

In our seventh podcast we chatted with the Queen of Kimchi ,Ché Upton. Her start up business, Ché Gourmet produces a range of Healthy , Fermented Food from around the world inspired by her travels.  Her mantra is simple , “my aim is to create delicious food that is so damn good for you

Che Upton hosting Kimchi Workshops with the Cultured Community

For our eighth episode somewhat crazily decided to invite two feisty Ladies to engage in a debate that has been going on since the dawn of fermentation and has divided continents and cultures.

In the one corner I had Lucy Corne, otherwise known as the Brew Mistress. Author of two books on South African beer industry, founder of the African Beer Cup and and driving force behind South African National Beer day. She is a national beer treasure and very good friends with Bubbles.

Bubbles Hyland, also a British lass, is founder and creative energy behind Well Red Magazine, a dedicated blog to the South African wine industry. When she talks and writes about wine she paints vivid imagery of flavours and experience that draws you in and makes you want to drink fantastic wine.

Bubbles and Lucy debate over which ferment is better.

For our final podcast of the series we We had the great pleasure to sit down with Glen Bryant, founder and marketing genius behind Six Dogs Distilleryone of South Africa’s most successful Gin brands.  . 

Their Gin offering pays homage to traditional style gin made with local endemic botanicals while subverting convention with their Blue Gin leading innovation in the Pinotage Stained Gin

We are very proud to have brought you these stories and are looking forward to discovering many more in 2020.

Until then, happy fermenting.


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