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Beer v Wine

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I  somewhat crazily decided to invite two feisty Ladies to engage in a debate that has been going on since the dawn of fermentation and has divided continents and cultures.

In the one corner I had Lucy Corne, otherwise known as the Brew Mistress. Author of two books on South African beer industry, founder of the African Beer Cup and and driving force behind South African National Beer day. She is a national beer treasure and very good friends with Bubbles.

Bubbles, also a British lass, is founder and creative energy behind Well red Magazine, a dedicated blog to the South African wine industry. When she talks and writes about wine she paints vivid imagery of flavours and experience that draws you in and makes you want to drink fantastic wine.  

Murray Fermented Founder and Host with Bubbles and Lucy.

I started by asking Bubbles why wine is better than beer? Bubbles somewhat audaciously suggested that craft beer is dying. Although there is a real slow down and an over proliferation of micro brewers for the market, Lucy who is immersed in the craft beer community has her ear to the ground so is best place to answer this.

“ Bubbles somewhat audaciously suggested that craft beer is dying”

Listen in.

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