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Distilling Stars of the Republic

Copper Republic, a local family-owned spirit company has been picking up international accolades for their artisanal spirit range. Leah van Deventer finds out about this up-and-coming distilling star. Bryce Kennard and his team at Copper…

By Leah van Deventer

Baking with Babette

I have been avidly baking bread for about 2 years now. Over this time I have done a great deal of experimentation with ingredients and process. It’s very easy to get caught up in the…

By Rob Cass

What is Kombucha?

Of all the fermented foods and beverages kombucha is possibly the weirdest and most difficult to get your head around. The very idea of fermented tea seems a bridge too far for some reason. The…

By Rob Cass

The Wonderful World of Kimchi

As you make your way down the rabbit hole of fermented foods you come across many methods for producing quick versions of traditionally fermented products. In fact, for most people the initial introduction to these…

By Rob Cass

Agave Spirit

The agave plant takes eight years to mature in the heat of the semi arid desert. It looks like a cactus yet it’s a member of the lily family, protecting its juicy, fibrous interior with…

By Murray Slater

The Great South African Rumbullion

If you had to associate a revolution or rebellion with an alcoholic beverage it should really be rum. Your thoughts might instantly go towards marauding anti-establishment pirates, but in fact the reasoning lies in etymology.…

By Murray Slater