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What is a Fermented Patron?

The Community consists of Fermented Patrons who support our vision and content through monthly pledges.  All funds generated from this membership go towards making Fermented a sustainable platform that generates original and thought-provoking content.  In return for membership pledges Patrons are afforded value adds and perks including discounts on fermented products, early access content, discounted event and workshop tickets and an invite to our online community. The online community is like minded people who share common interest in all things fermented.  It’s a cross-pollination of the fermented industries via an online platform which encourages discussion around topics of mutual benefit ranging from recipe and technique sharing to unpacking the increasingly popular world of fermented food. The community consists of fermentation novices looking to learn, business owners and fermentation pros. We celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and encourage a collaboration of culture in the battle versus the bland.




Funds Raised Monthly (USD)


Business Patrons

What our Patrons have to say

Rob Cass
The process of discovering fermented products is reconnecting with ancient methods of preparing and preserving foods. Similarly, being part of the cultured community is reconnecting with ancient methods of learning through collective

- Rob Cass

Alice Walsh
I was looking forward to the Fermented Food Pairing but didn’t expect it to be so complex and dynamic – the flavours and presentation across the dishes and drinks was phenomenal. It was an inspiring introduction to the marvelous world of fermented food, far beyond the humble pickle.
Thanks to Murray and the team of chefs and micro cultures.

- Alice Walsh

Our Business Partons

What our Business Patrons have to say

Sarah Kennan
``Working with fermented means being part of a community of like minded people who are all passionate in their craft and love to create something from nothing. Sometimes in business you can start to live on your own little island and become isolated. The Fermented community is a great way to connect and be inspired by like minded entrepreneurs``

- Sarah Kennan

Leonista 100% Agave Spirit

Che Upton
Since becoming part of Fermented I have met so many incredible people in the Fermenting world of South Africa & learnt about other Fermenting businesses I would not necessarily have learnt about before. Fermented has given my business a platform on which I can finally showcase my skills to those who understand and also those who want to know more about what we Fermenters do.

- Che Upton

Che Gourmet


What value to gain from becoming a Patron?
  • Access to the Private Community.
  • Discounted tickets to our events, workshops and tastings.
  • VIP access to our Online Events
  • Early access to our content.
  • Annual Fermented box full of fermented goodies from our business Patrons
  • Patron Shout Out
  • Discounts on Business Patron’s products and experiences.
  • Fermented merch.
What online platform does the community use?

We use an invite-only Facebook Group called The Cultures a Fermented’s community platform.

Once you sign up fo membership via Patreon you will receive an invite

Who are Fermented's Business Patrons?

Fermented’s Partners are business that share similar values and ambitions to spread the good word of fermentation in all its forms. They are committed to educating the market and producing products that battle against the bland.

How do I join the Fermented Community?

Sign up to a membership tier via our Patreon Page.

How often are the food & beverage pairing events and workshops?

The food and beverage pairing events are seasonal and are planned to be quarterly. Follow up social media pages for up to date details and announcements.