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Craft Brewer’s Pow Wow – Part 2

In Part two of the Craft Brewer’s Pow Wow we had the privilege to sit down with some of the most influential beer industry personalities locally and internationally.

We caught up with The Brew Mistress, Lucy Corne and chatted about the African Beer Cup which she co-founded and directed. Next guest is . JC Styen from Devil’s Peak is at the forefront of experimenting with wild yeast and bacteria fermentation. Last but certainly not least we were privileged to talk with Garret Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster  and editor of the Oxford Companion to Beer about the great food and beverage reawakening.

Listen to Part 2 of our Craft Brewer’s Pow Wow Podcast.
Lucy Corne – The Brew Mistress
JC Steyn – Devil’s Peak Brewing Company
Garrett Oliver – Brooklyn Brewery
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