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Food & Beverage Pairing

Join Fermented’s Murray & Piet for a beverage and food pairing that explore the wondrous world of fermentation. We will be hosting seasonal events showcasing small business and entrepreneurial ventures. The intention is to give local producers a podium to shine on and give exposure to the wonderful fermented world still yet to be discovered by many. 

Fools & Fans Festival

Fermented hosted its first ever beverage and food pairing at the amazing Fools & Fans Festival in Greyton. We partnered up with amazing producers who are all start ups pushing the flavour envelope. Thank you to South Yeasters, Leonista, SIx Dogs, The Wine Thief, Melaurea Mead and Happy Culture for supporting Fermented’s first ever event. The feedback we got was incredible and we look forward to announcing future events. 

Fools & Fans Menu

What our guests had to say

Alice Walsh
I was looking forward to the Fermented Food Pairing but didn’t expect it to be so complex and dynamic – the flavours and presentation across the dishes and drinks was phenomenal. It was an inspiring introduction to the marvelous world of fermented food, far beyond the humble pickle.
Thanks to Murray and the team of chefs and micro cultures.

- Alice Walsh

Jeremy O'Regan
Had an opportunity to listen and pair food at Fermented’s inaugural food pairing at the recent Fools & Fans Beer Festival, Greyton - what a winner, an amazing tasting experience - great event, worth watching out for their next appearance - Well done Murray, Chef and team!!

- Jeremy O'Regan

Elton Bergman
Your food and beverage pairing at @foolsandfansbeerfest was extraordinary...well done guys.

- Elton Bergman