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Fermented partners up with Six Dogs Distillery and Von Geusau Chocolates for a pairing like no other.

Although not your conventional pairing, the way in which chocolate and gin express flavours is surprisingly similar, creating a match made in heaven. Gin is able to take on an array of different botanical additions, and coupled with different garnishes there’s no limit to the different flavour notes that can be expressed. Likewise, chocolate can be rich, subtle or creamy, but the addition of different flavours and textures can change the sensory profile completely.

Von Geusau’s fine crafted Belgian chocolate, from the humble town of Greyton, will be paired with a Six Dog’s gin that has been carefully selected to accentuate key flavour notes in both the gin and chocolate. Juniper berries meets cacao bean in this one of a kind pairing.

Experience the wonder of fermentation

We are taking bookings for this event for Corporate Events or private bookings of minimum of 8 guest.