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Our Partner subscribers are amazing start-up businesses that have invested their passion and pride into products that we are proud to be associated with. Our partners support our vision of a  collaboration of culture through story telling and live pairing events. We are very grateful for their support in the great battle versus the bland. 

Fermented is a platform for celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of the fermenting pioneers through editorial blogs and podcasts which looks to increase awareness around the world of fermentation. 

Thanks to our partners, a network of fermenting business agree that collaboration is the best way to evangelize fermentation, we are able to champion their passion and perseverance through seasonal fermented food and beverage pairing events.

Leonista means “place of the lion” and is the first 100% Karoo agave spirit in South Africa made the traditional way.

The production process follows an age-old recipe used in Mexico to make agave spirits like Mezcal. It requires smoke and fire, hence Leonista’s delicious smokey flavour, similar to that of a Mezcal. 100% agave spirits are the most energy-fueling of all the alcohols if treated with respect.

From the land. About the land. Of the land. The supreme flavour, texture and aroma of a farmstead cheese links us to decades of history and country living. It connects us to the culture of the farmstead and to the circle of microbes, plants, animals, and people living in balance with one another and the environment.

Klein River Cheese crafts 4 styles and 11 types of exceptional and award-winning South African cheese.

Happy Culture Kombucha products are handcrafted using a fermentation method that honours an ancient eastern tradition. Only natural raw ingredients and authentic techniques are used. The result of this alchemy is a tangy-sweet cultured tea, which is filled with live energy and beneficial properties to bring life and wellbeing.

We are ambassadors of healthy and happy lifestyles, with an impassioned vision to evolve the world of beverages in line with the evolution of humankind. Through our brand and products, we strive to uplift your wellbeing, and inspire you to live, dream and be more.

Our Méthode Traditionnelle technique mead is made from local African honey. Held in a shroud of fine natural bubbles, Melaurea encompasses flavours of citrus, cranberry and fynbos.

Our mead’s freshness and lift are complemented by the depth and complexity expected of a traditional mead. Melaurea’s contemporary take builds on our civilisation’s most celebrated and ancient tradition.


In Africa there are crossroads that lead to adventure, that stretch beyond and further still. Where history is told in song and in dance. Where the true, wild fragrance of the land evokes memory.

We slow distill these fragrance memories, developing full and subtle depth in our hand crafted, small batch spirits. An evocation of African botanicals with their cellular songs of the sun, the great shimmering expanses of horizon and the sudden quench of warm summer rain.

Ché Gourmet was started 4 years ago when owner and founder Ché Upton returned from travelling the world. Ché Gourmet produces a range of Healthy Gourmet Sauces, Seasonings, Marinades, Pickles, Pastes & Fermented Food from around the world inspired by her travels. Not only do they bring the world to your kitchen BUT they do it in a VERY healthy way. All of their ingredients are as natural & organic as possible, free from preservatives, stabilisers, colourants and are completely refined sugar free, vegan friendly and DELICIOUS with a huge focus on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.