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Bread of Heaven

Bread has always been the symbolism for sharing and community through many religions and cultures. It is argued that this fermented product was the very reason for civilization.  Bread however in the last 50-70 years has changed. The perfectly sliced rectangle as we know it is not how bread should be and rather it was […]

By Murray Slater

July 9, 2019

Craft Brewer's Pow Wow - Part 2

In Part two of the Craft Brewer’s Pow Wow we had the privilege to sit down with some of the most influential beer industry personalities locally and internationally. We caught up with The Brew Mistress, Lucy Corne and chatted about the African Beer Cup which she co-founded and directed. Next guest is . JC Styen […]

By Murray Slater

June 7, 2019

Craft Brewer's Pow Wow - Part 1

Fermented brings you a two part podcast series on the recent Craft Brewers Pow Wow conference held in Cape Town.  Aimed at commercial craft brewers, home brewers and beer enthusiasts, the Powwow exists to create a unified platform for quality, consistency and comradely in the craft beer industry. The conference includes presentations from local and international speakers, […]

By Murray Slater

June 4, 2019

Melaurea Mead - Ernst Thompson

Welcome to  the Fermented Podcast where we celebrate the people behind the wonderful trans-formative world of fermentation in all its many forms. Fermented co founders, Murray Slater and Piet Gees,…

By Murray Slater

March 17, 2019